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Welcome to BeaconPoint Labs

About Us



We believe everyone has a right to know precisely what’s in their food. Our primary purpose and motivation is to empower informed choices in nutrition. We believe that the power and transparency of analytical science can provide the data to drive the personalized nutrition revolution. We partner with our customers to ensure that the users of their products can trust that what’s on the label is actually in the food.



Our scientists take a consultative approach with our clients, employing cutting-edge test methods and technology. Our scientists seek context in their testing objectives and data findings. So, we partner with our customers; taking the time needed to understand the unique aspects of their product matrix, what testing package best suits their goals – and how results could guide their brand. With best-in-class talent, cutting-edge test methods and technology, we enable thorough, yet efficient exchanges of data.



We deliver the most complete, accurate and transparent nutritional profiles. We know that behind every product and food sample there is a data-based story waiting to be told. We help our clients tell their story and stand apart to build a loyal user base by identifying and accurately quantify differentiating aspects of their products. Our commitment to transparency ranges from real time sample tracking to open communication regarding method selection & accumulated data.


Setting the highest standards

We believe in setting the highest scientific standards – for ourselves and the industry at large. Driving innovation in analyzing and quantifying what’s in our food. Going above and beyond what is required. Everything we do is in service of our ultimate goal, which is to help everyone know precisely what’s in their food. 


Caring deeply about what we do

Data integrity is non-negotiable. We take our mission seriously, and know that our clients depend on us for their brand equities. We conduct our business with transparency built into our processes.


Collaborating & winning as a team

Irrespective of our individual responsibilities, we strive forward as one team. We take pride in learning from and training each other.


We are a team of scientists that is passionate about an unrelenting pursuit of analytical excellence with decades of experience in:

  • New method development and verification / validation protocols to ensure best-in-class analytical performance 

  • Analysis throughout the value chain all the way from crop to ingredients to finished food

  • Broad array of analytical techniques such as Liquid and Gas Chromatography (HPLC, GC), Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)

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